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  • Please use your Banner credentials to log into Blackboard
    Learn. Once your instructor has made your course available,
    you will be able to see the link for your course(s).

  • Bb Username is your A # (a12345678).
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System Announcements

System Announcements

  • Summer 2017 course shells are now available (Friday, March 10, 2017)

    Faculty: Summer 2017 course shells are now available.  NEW:  Try out the Dropbox Mashup to allow students to upload documents and easily drag and drop into Blackboard!

  • Don't forget to make your courses available! Instructors Only!! (Wednesday, January 11, 2017)

    Instructors don't forget to make your course(s) available so that students have access to your course(s).

    Simply click on the link on the left of the Welcome Screen which says Control Course Availability/Unavailability and toggle your courses on or off!  Quick and Simple!  


  • Banner pin update (Wednesday, August 31, 2016)

    Please remember that once you update your Banner pin (which is also the password for Blackboard), you will need to log into Blackboard using the new updated Banner pin.

  • Don't forget to make your courses available when classes start (Tuesday, January 5, 2016)

    Don't forget to make your courses available so that students can begin accessing your course on Blackboard Learn.  View the following tutorial to find out how to make your course available:

  • Blackboard Learn Update (Monday, January 4, 2016)

    Our Blackboard Learn system has been updated to the latest version.  Please see a list of enhancements/improvements below

    Highlights of New Features and Enhancements

    • Goals Performance Dashboard- A competency-based education Building Block to map goals to courses within Learn. The Goal Performance Dashboard evaluates evidence of competencies individually, allowing for true measurement of mastery.
    • PowerSchool SIS Integration- As part of the innovative classroom, SIS Central two-way integration is now available for PowerSchool customers who license Blackboard Learn 9.1 October 2014 release or higher.  With this release, Blackboard’s SIS Central will provide bi-directional integration between all Blackboard Learn deployment options and the PowerSchool Student Information System. The Blackboard Learn PowerSchool Integration provides a hands-free, seamless synchronization of users, classes, enrollments, assignments, and grades between Blackboard Learn and PowerSchool.
    • Grades Reporting for SIS- A Building Block to integrate your institution's Student Information System with Learn. The Grades Journey B2 allows you to exchange grade information between two separate systems.
    • HTML 5 Support- The Content Editor now supports HTML5 Audio and Video playback in Chrome and Edge browsers.
    • WebEQ Conversion- ANGEL and WebCT Vista packages will convert WebEQ match equations to WIRIS. For more details on the WIRIS Formula Editor, please see the Content Editor documentation.
    • Announcement Email Header- The From header now includes the sender's full name in course announcement emails.
    • Thread-to-Thread Navigation in Discussion Boards- Users will be able to navigate to the next or previous thread in a discussion from the Thread Detail page without having to navigate back up to the Discussion Forum page.
    • Announcement Date Restriction Default- When creating an announcement, "Not Date Restricted" is now selected by default.
    • Special Characters in Assignment Titles- When a user uploads a file to Learn and the file name contains special characters (such as / \ : ? * " < > | ), the system replaces the special character with an underscore ( _ ). 
    • Notifications- Several fixes have been made to Assessments, Grading and the Mobile B2 to improve notification performance.
    • Browser Support- The Microsoft Edge browser is now supported.

    Accessibility Features and Improvements

    • Assessments- When creating a hot spot question, an Image Alternate Text box is now available.
    • Content Editor- The default heading size for all of the embedded headings has been increased so they are properly read in both the view and edit state in the Content Editor.
    • Discussion Boards- Forum Descriptions are now read on Create Thread Page.